Alan Roy for MN State Senate

The courage to change

As I look at our families in Senate District 2, I see great promise and opportunity. Creating sustainable jobs, providing health security and ensuring a pathway to higher education will lead to better lives in Minnesota.

How I’ll make a difference:

Helping Farmers

St. Paul has lost touch with our farmers. I’ll increase support, including
drought relief and access to capital.

Bringing Jobs

As a fiscal conservative who knows how to get things done even when people
disagree, I say we bypass the infighting in St. Paul and get our economy moving again.

Improving Education

Jobs training programs and apprenticeships can help us move forward, for the sake of our children and for our economy.

Learn more about Alan’s Vision for Minnesota

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By the people, for the people.

Join Alan Roy in his run for State Senate.

A record of service and success:

As an Army veteran who deployed to Iraq, I learned the value of freedom and public service—and when to step up as a leader and build agreement. I currently serve in the Army Reserve; and caring for our veterans is high on my list.

Elected to a four-year term as White Earth secretary-treasurer in 2018 as a fiscal conservative, I successfully:

  • Increased cash on hand to record levels.
  • Created a program to provide COVID vaccinations for all residents near the White Earth Reservation.
  • Helped create a Tribal Public Utilities Commission that will mitigate high electric bills and will help the region attract renewable energy projects, data centers and other modern businesses that will create jobs.
  • Brought people together, removing the walls that had been built up over many years.
  • Got rid of the red tape that was holding us back.
  • Worked toward consensus-building to get big projects started. 

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